If I tattooed my body…

…with messages, here’s what I’d write. 

Keep it simple. I’m a classic over-complicator, at work, at home and in relationships. When I achieve simplicity, I am much more able to execute a task, for example a lesson, to a higher standard.  

Stay hungry. Focusing too much on less important daily activities, be they cleaning, watching TV or procrastinating, means less time spent on what really matters. Doing one thing each day that moves me closer to my goals keeps my ambition and drive alive.  

Be present and check in.  1 minute of breathing. 5 minutes of sitting. 10 minutes of mindfulness. They are starting to become a bigger part of my routine and they allow me to refocus and be kinder, more productive and less blurry.  

Stop being so serious. Pretty self-explanatory this one.  

Don’t deny the stomach twist.  Generally, it’s trying to tell me something, and the sooner I learn to hear and acknowledge it, the better.  

I need constant reminding of all of these things and save tattooing my body or plastering my walls with messages, repeating my mantras to myself will hopefully make them sink in more.  

What messages would you tattoo on your body? 



Written by Rebecca Hatfield on 19th Feb 2018  


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