Mindfulness needs more than just enthusiasm 


The Mindfulness Summit is a platform where numerous experts in the field of meditation come together and share their knowledge. They sometimes put free videos and audio links to interviews with well-known speakers on their website. One particular topic from an interview with Professor Mark Williams, really stuck out. He talked about how the hardest thing, is to actually sit down and meditate. He posed the question:  

Does regular practise impact the outcome? For some people it did, for some it didn’t.  

However, he looked deeper and his research (published in the ‘Behaviour Research and Therapy Journal’ last year), showed that those who physically made the effort to meditate regularly, benefitted more than those who were simply enthusiastic about it, and mediated more sporadically. He found that enthusiasm didn’t affect how much people practised, but how much people practised did affect the outcome”. He also discovered that the people who weren’t even eager to meditate, reaped more benefits. He went on to say, “If you’re enthusiastic for mindfulness, I’m afraid it’s not enough”. 

So, it would appear that every day does count! And as for these elusive ‘benefits’, why not find out what mindful meditation can do for you.  


“You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it” Jon Kabat-Zinn 

 Information found via the link below between approx:- 23:30 – 25:30 minutes 

Professor Mark Williams – An Introduction to Mindfulness

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Written by Rebecca Hatfield on 25th Jan 2018 

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