Losing Rebecca was a big blow to our school, as she was loved by students and staff alike. Working as her immediate boss for 18 months, I was always impressed by the care she took in everything she did – every lesson she taught, every interaction she made. Her dedication shone through, meaning any student she came into contact with would request her lessons again. I have no hesitation in saying that Rebecca would be an asset to any team, teaching or otherwise.

Neil Stapley, Director of Studies at Leeds English Language School

(Neil managed Rebecca directly)

Written on August 16th 2018



The best teaching’s method that I have ever had.

I have been studying English on and off for 2 years in the several best schools in Paris. But I couldn’t speak English neither understand it at all. I was thinking that it was because of my age… When I started learning English with Bex the sky cleared up… My English went up and I became fluent after 4 weeks and in about three months I had an advanced level, thanks to Bex and her teaching’s method !

The lessons of Bex were so organised, well prepared and with a real follow up of absorption (daily, weekly and monthly). I learnt something new every day, I even understood the hard grammatical topics that before I couldn’t. Her lessons weren’t just some boring vocabulary and grammatical rules, they were also fun and interactive. She is a wise, tactful, patient and truthful person with high human values. Her lessons were also an environment to understand the English culture, the English way of thinking  and she was the best demonstration of the English high upbringing.

I was myself teacher of French and Italian when I was young so I can judge and evaluate the level and the quality of teaching and conclude that it’s the most effective courses of English.

I’m highly satisfied with Bex’s English courses and I will never forget her. 

Alice Darbinian, Manager of Communication, Paris




Bex was my teacher at Kaplan in Bath – UK when I started to study English. I began in the elementary level and she upheld me during this period. She is clever and very patient. In addition, she has wide experience with international student and apply in the class huge variety of teaching skill such as games and technics of interaction between international student.

Therefore, it does not stop in that school. After I got a place at a university in order to study academic English, she supported me in personal classes. I could say that it was very important to achieve a desirable level to get a level to study a Master in Law.

I may say that I got luck to have found. In fact, Bex was part of my path to

acquire a reasonable level of English skill.

Nowadays, I got a Master degree and I am studying another postgratuation in London.

I am very grateful to Bex.

Eduardo Henrique Ledebour Lócio, Brazil




To anyone who is interested in improving your English. I still remember how terrible my English was when I first time stepped into the whole English environment. I could only express myself by using some really basic words. I talked as if I was a three-year old child. Lacking of confidence to speak was one of my core problems at that time. However, Bex, the most wonderful teacher I have ever had in my life, led me step by step and tried her best to listen and understand what I was talking about in order to deal with my problems as well as enhancing my English .

I have to say, I learnt more than I had expected in terms of Bex’s teaching style and the way how she taught me. The way I was taught was absolutely amazing since Bex used many different methods to widen my range of grammar and let me absorb variety of vocabulary. At moment, I am doing the foundation in order to study at university in the U.K, the English lessons I had really help me immerse into my current study.

Finally, I have experienced really wonderful time of learning and actually speaking English. From my point of view, language is used to communicate but I used to look at it as a subject, which means that I studied English only for exams. However, when I met Bex, I realized that I had been completely wrong. Therefore I highly recommend having Bex as your English not only because of her expertise in English also the passionate about teaching.

Jimmy, 鄭 智偉, Taiwan




Bex’s lessons are very interesting, dynamic and interactive. Learning English with her is very funny. She is a very professional teacher, but at the same time she is sympathetic and friendly with her students.

Domenico Orsini, Italy






I’m Lucrezia Pitoni, an Italian student of 21 years old. I’m attending the military Academy of Modena in Italy.
Few years ago i decided to go to Bath to improve my English and i’ve had the opportunity to meet a wonderful teacher but also a friend there.
My teacher, Bex, helps me to improve my English and to prepare my self for the CAE exam!! During my period in Bath she makes me learn a lot of things and going to the lessons was a pleasure for me. She knows how to make the lesson interesting, making you understand grammar but also colloquial english, which is what i think some foreigners don’t know. I remember that in that month that i passed with her I learned a lot of useful vocabulary. In fact, even if she is very young, she has had a lot of professional experiences and she is very prepared in her subjects. Furthermore Bex is a very kind girl and, even if she was my teacher, i found a friend and a reference point in her.
I really thank her for everything she has done for me and i hope to repeat this experience in the future.
Lucrezia Pitoni, Italy