By the time I was 11… (past perfect)

…I had learnt how to windsurf.

By no means was I a pro, but I could do it! I used to go down to a local reservoir and practise in the summer.

By the time I was (age)…  This phrase is commonly used with the past perfect.

  • What’s the past perfect again? We form it using had + past participle.
  • What does the past perfect do? It shows that one past action happened before another.

So why don’t you have a go and think about what you could do when you were younger.

By the time I was two, I had learnt to walk.

By the time I was five, I had been to America.

By the time I was fifteen, I had lived in France for 2 years.

By 2017, I had worked in three countries.

By the time I finished reading this, I had learnt how to use the past perfect!

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