Verb patterns (the answers)

The last post posed the question: –

What’s the difference between these sentences?

  1. I’ll never forget meeting The Queen.
  2. I forgot to meet The Queen! Whoops!

Do you know the answer?

Well, the first sentence describes a memory and the second is something I had to do, but didn’t! Here are two more examples to explain the meaning a bit more.

  1. I’ll never forget seeing Macchu Picchu for the first time. It was an incredible moment which I will treasure forever.
  2. Oh no! I forgot to buy milk! I will pop out to the shop and get some now.


So the rule is:-

forget + v+ing = a memory (good or bad) in the past

forget + to+infinitive = something you have/had to do


Actually, the same also goes for the verb remember.

  1. I remember buying my first ever CD. It was by The Beatles and I still love their music now.
  2. I must remember to email my boss tomorrow about the important meeting.

So the rule is:-

remember + v+ing = a memory (good or bad) in the past

remember + to+infinitive = something you have/had to do


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